How we work

With SilverSun Pictures you get ‘feature-film experience’, no matter what story you need to tell or what budget you’re working within. We apply the principles of, and our experience in, feature film production to all our work, including commercial projects. It’s a value-add not every company provides.

With SilverSun you make one call and we take it from there—developing creative, writing, producing, directing, designing, developing, filming, editing and all that it takes to produce a visual project.

SilverSun’s unique way of working is designed to give the best possible results while saving you time, money and energy.

We’re owned and operated by a small group of partners, all creative in their own right. With our ‘A Team’, you’re guaranteed the best talent for your project. The best fit. The strongest and most effective approach.

Our model is based on collaboration—building teams based on respect and mutual understanding. It’s a model that offers you flexibility to changing needs. It’s a model that is responsive and enables us to scale up quickly so your project gets moving quick smart.