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Based in Canberra and working nationally, SilverSun Pictures is a trailblazer in transformative digital storytelling. For over twenty years, we’ve stayed ahead of evolving media technologies, delivering cutting-edge thinking and know-how that puts our clients and audiences first.

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World-class feature film production facilities and professionals, right here in Canberra.

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National Capital Exhibition Multimedia Installation

SilverSun was honoured to be chosen by Canberra’s custodian, the National Capital Authority (NCA), to create multimedia and interactive experiences for the redeveloped National Capital Exhibition premises at Regatta Point, near Canberra’s CBD. The NCA wanted us to tell the story of the instigation, development, present and future of Canberra, using a variety of technologies, platforms and media. Rather than visitors being ‘told’ the story of Canberra, the goal was to create a guided journey through the geography, cultures, political events, and personalities that shaped the nation’s capital.

After analysing the brief and reviewing the NCA’s existing resources, we developed two reworked and modernised videos, redesigned a sound and light show, produced a seven-minute long immersive theatrical experience, and mounted a 3D interactive exhibit. We worked closely with our client to ensure the core narratives were covered across the different products. Our team conducted image research, created evocative soundscapes, and showcased the diverse voices of those who shaped Canberra’s history and development.

As a result of our careful design process, there is something for everyone in this exhibition – from international visitors, to long-term locals.  We’ve been delighted with the positive response we’ve received about our work. It confirms our belief that interactive and immersive approaches can work with existing resources to create a complete user experience.

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