Silversun Pictures


We are not an advertising agency – and that’s a good thing.

Based in Canberra and working nationally, SilverSun Pictures is a trailblazer in transformative digital storytelling. For over twenty years, we’ve stayed ahead of evolving media technologies, delivering cutting-edge thinking and know-how that puts our clients and audiences first.

Our Creative Approach

Transformative digital storytelling is key to allowing viewers to share ownership and gain personal relevance.
Through storytelling we create new and engaging experiences that direct people’s attention, provoke inquiry, motivate deep engagement and compel them to act.
SilverSun Pictures is a collective of storytellers, filmmakers, technology lovers, innovators and communication experts.
And we pride ourselves on being better at advertising than the ad agencies.

Future thinkers with their heart in the movies – The SilverSun model

The film industry represents the most successful and highest level of production in the world. SilverSun Pictures has its heart in the movies and runs each project like a film production.
We use the movie industry’s century-old history of success to inform our future, and develop the next wave of cutting-edge entertainment and audio-visual messaging.

What does this mean for your project?

Like a film production, we operate with a core base of talented creatives. We then bring on board the best people specific to each project: the best strategists, the best cinematographers, the best writers, the best animators, the best programmers. This means you will have an exceptional hand-picked team working to meet your objectives.
Because the team is brought together on a project-by-project basis, costs are kept down. More of the budget is spent on creating an outstanding end product, and less on overheads.
After more than twenty years producing feature films, marketing campaigns and innovative corporate and government communications, our approach is impossible to emulate.

No advertising agency can boast the same resume as SilverSun Pictures.

Our work