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It all starts with GREAT CREATIVE.

Before we roll the cameras. Before we light the lights… we get the creative right. Story, theme, messages, budget and calls to action. We work with the best writers and developers to ensure the project direction is not just great, but electrifying.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate video, big budget movie or VR experience… Make no mistake, Silversun’s combination of imagination, vision and expertise is second to none.

So, let’s stop talking about it and get creative.

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We’ve seen a lot. Produced a lot. And learned a lot.

With cutting-edge production that starts with comprehensive planning, Silversun Pictures knows how to take that brilliant creative and put it on a screen.

We only work with the most talented talent. Our 2D and 3D animators are the best in the business. Our cinematographers know beautiful images are as important as story. Our directors shape productions like a maestro.

It sounds like we’re bragging, but we’re actually that good.

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Virtual Production

If our production studio is cutting edge, then our in-house virtual studio is BLEEDING EDGE.

Sometimes the real world just isn’t enough. Silversun Pictures has been playing with virtual and augmented reality systems for longer than most. Why video the world, when you can create your own?

You might be looking for a virtual sports broadcast, product training, VR/AR exhibition, terrain mapping or activating a space that needs to see some action. Whatever it is, we have the technical capability and creative dexterity to literally take your story out of this world.

Ingenuity and imagination wins every time. And so it should.

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Post / VFX

The finishing touches…

Silversun’s rich experience in motion pictures and video makes it a leading force in the world of post-production and visual effects.

Our artisan video editors craft engaging stories. Our broadcast designers and colour graders give your moving pictures the defining edge. Our audio engineers create perfect soundscapes that are magic in your ears.

But sometimes you just need to blow up a building or create a six-storey monster. Our 3D and CGI visual effects team can create any effect you’re looking for. If you’re not into architectural destruction or megafauna, we can also create photoreal environments and use motion capture to animate 2D and 3D characters.

Silversun’s facilities offer the complete post-production package for corporate video, film and TV, games, architectural visualizations and advertising.

Let the magic begin.

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